• The event was originally the brainchild of the Italian Wines Committee of the Wine &
    Spirit Trade Association who, frustrated with the lack of a generic platform from
    which to promote Italian wine, took the initiative to organise their own event
  • Hunt & Coady have organised the event since its inception and now have
    ‘ownership’ since the disbanding the WSTA’s country-specific importer committees
  • The Definitive Italian Wine Tasting was first held in 1999 at Chelsea Galleria,
    Chelsea Football Ground and has been held annually ever since
  • The Definitive Italian Wine Tasting is the only ‘generic’ trade event for Italy in the
    UK organised specifically as a platform for UK importers of Italian wine
  • The Definitive Italian Wine Tasting is funded entirely by its exhibitors
  • Since 1999 the tasting has grown in size from 51 Exhibitor tables in 1999 to 88
    Exhibitor tables in 2011
  • All the UK’s leading Italian specialists exhibit at this event
  • All wines on show are commercially available in the UK market through a UK
    importer or dedicated UK office (with the occasional exception of one or two
    ‘generic’ regional tables)
  • The event does not permit producer ‘exhibitors’ who are not currently represented in
    the UK
  • This event is targeted at all trade buyers and wine writing press, consistently, the
    biggest attendance is from the on trade, who regularly attend in significant numbers